Day 7 - Claire Freeman

Life can take unexpected turns. At 17 years old, my neck was broken from a car accident where the driver, my mum, fell asleep while driving. Despite being told I'd never use my arms or legs by the doctors, I've gone on to complete a Degree in Design, a Masters In Health Science and am now completing my PhD.

Throughout my studies, I have worked, volunteered as a youth counselor and gone through other traumatic events such as the earthquake in my city that killed friends and injured me further. Yet despite all the 'tragedies' in my life, I see them as learning experiences, they have made me stronger, resilient, adaptable and compassionate.

I actively give back as a way of managing my own grief as I believe helping others is one of the best ways to help yourself. I truly believe that through great suffering comes great insights and sometimes through trauma, those insights are revealed. Sometimes, they even make you stronger.

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