Day 11 - Mike McNamara

Mike Mac has a very compelling story, one that takes a loss and flips it for a win. Today, Mac is eager to help others by contagiously affecting them through his music. While each day is a battle for Mac, he keeps things real with his strength, talent and lighthearted attitude. The details of Mike’s accident are important because of how his music has developed due to circumstance. Pain, happiness, fear, anguish, hope, love and triumph are some of the emotional ties Mike creates within his music which he draws from past experiences and feelings.

It was during his sophomore year in high school in which a low bridge accident during a basketball game developed into an antagonizing pain. Mike thought little of this pain until he ended up paralyzed in the hospital in January of 2003 from two torn ligaments and a six-inch blood clot pressing on his spinal cord. At that time, fifteen-year-old Mike Mac had the world ripped out from underneath him. His dream of playing basketball for a Division I college team and later for the NBA was shattered. Mac couldn’t move from his chest down to his feet and had zero grip in his right hand. And yet this is what makes Mac such a powerful music producer.

This is how Mac sums up his philosophy on life:

“I am a firm believer that the only person that can stop us from achieving whatever we want out of life is ourselves, hence my motto, can’t stop me.

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