Day 13 - Megan Fisher

Megan Fisher is a Paralympic gold, silver, and bronze medalist from the Rio 2016 and London 2012 Games, a ten-time world champion, and retired member of Team USA. Megan’s road to success has not been easy. At 19 years old, while travelling to start her second year in college as a Division 1 tennis player, Megan was involved in a tragic car accident that nearly killed her; leaving her in a coma and stealing the lower half of her left leg.

After the accident, Megan fought to overcome relatively simple challenges, like eating, standing, and relearning how to walk. Incredibly, less than a year after the loss of her leg, Megan returned to college and finished her first triathlon. That one race proved to her that she could overcome any obstacle.

Megan continues to explore her own physical boundaries. She uses these experiences to inspire and motivate as well as to raise awareness for a wide variety of causes and organizations. Today, she works as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, athletic performance coach, motivational speaker, and is in hot pursuit of other opportunities that demonstrate the capacity of the human body and spirit.

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