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Musician contestant on American Idol 2018 spinal cord injury survivor

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Our goal is to share David’s message of hope to anyone suffering from a recent traumatic injury

"I remember waking up from surgery and hearing that I would not likely walk again. In those first few difficult months, I clung to any source of hope that I could find, whether it was a youtube video of someone walking after a Spinal Cord Injury, or a book about overcoming. They gave me hope.

Now I want to give it back, and I need your help connecting with organizations in your community that serve patients that need hope. Working with the non-profit Celebrate Overcoming, I want to get them free copies of my soon-to-be-released book and CD, LIONHEART, to encourage them on their journey.“

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Expectations of an Ambassador

We need eyes and ears in communities across the country who can help us find partner organizations in those communities that would find value in working with us. Our goal with partner organizations is two fold:

1-We need them to distribute free LIONHEART books/CD to recent patients they are serving. We will deliver those items free of charge through our Celebrate Overcoming non-profit organization.

2-Help them raise money for their own non-profit foundation by offering LIONHEART books/CD to anyone who gives above a minimum donation.

NEXT STEPS for you…

Step 1 - After you submit the form on this page, we will contact you and ask you to make a list of the organizations in your community that we should consider partnering with.

Step 2 - We will coordinate with you on the best way to send our material to those organizations.

Step 3 - Be a resource to us on this journey.

And don’t worry….you can quit anytime you want. We will appreciate any little help we can get.

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Other ways you can help me is by sharing my social media throughout your networks.