David Francisco Music

Musician contestant on American Idol 2018 spinal cord injury survivor

What if it's a dream?
What if i wake up and the pain has disappeared?
Would i be the same?
Or Would my life be changed?

Dreams are tempting to believe,
convincing at the time they happen,
but dreams don’t change reality
the depths that I have seen
but I wish they would


Strength is a man who is broken
Hope is a friend in the night
Joy is the sun that follows the rain
Love is what keeps us alive
Love is what keeps us alive

What if this is real?
What if I wake up, but my body never heals?
Would I be ok?
Or would I lose my strength?

Days, that never seem to end
this body is my prison and my sentence
Tired of trying to pretend
this war that never ends isn’t happening

Love keep me strong, keep me alive, keep me moving now...
Love save me