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6. You Have Me Now

I've never written a song this way before. Normally, I begin with a structure and then fill out each section of the song. But this time, I began by inviting my friend and master beat-maker/sound-designer Michael Grubb over to help create my next single. This time, we began by finding a drum kit we liked, and creating the beat. We stuck to 4 bars longer than I ever have in my life. Rather than trying to make the whole song, and ended up nailing down a 4 bar groove with a beat, bassline, synth part, and guitar riff. And it was awesome! 

I then realized that the groove would work perfectly with a song I had written almost a year prior, and we started working from there. I spent a lot of time tweaking my original song to fit this new groove, and it ended up working well. To finish it off, I had my friend Gideon Klein lay down some unbelievable bass lines that I was able to piece together throughout the song. I'm so happy with how it turned out, and I hope you enjoy it! 


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5. January Love

I love variety. I think that's why I released this song. And it's why the next one will sound different. 

The focus here was on songwriting. And as far as production goes, the whole idea was that less is more. Totally different than my cover of "The Sound of Silence". I think it's easy to get really excited about all the different parts you "could" add to a song, but harder to know which ones a song "needs". I tried adding piano and bass to this song, and it started sounding like Norah Jones. But it just didn't feel right. I let my roommate listen to it without telling him I was thinking about stripping it down, and he said, "Dude, I think it could go for just acoustic and your voice". So the decision was made!

The idea is that I've made decisions based off of romantic relationships, and that as I'm making my next big move (choosing to move to Nashville) I don't want to get into a relationship and change my mind about going. But obviously I'm torn about it, and part of me wants the relationship anyway. 

Hope you enjoy! 


4. The Sound of Silence

I wasn't sure what my next song would be as I began this month. I heard "The Sound of Silence" at some point early in November, and got super excited about the idea of swinging it, adding tons of harmonies, and doing a really cool cover in general of it. I was pretty confident once I had the idea that this would be the song I did. 

I had no idea how profound the lyrics are! I was pleasantly surprised, and even thought about how appropriate the message is to today. I definitely see hints at the modern distractions of social media and smartphones written into the lyrics. I think it's sad how we often keep silent around others distracted by our own "neon light". By the end of the song, the writer is trying to warn the people with no success. In the end, he describes the people worshipping the neon light as if it was a God. They are numb to it all!

Hope this message, and my interpretation of the song, impact you in a profound way today!


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3. It Isn't Easy

This song was really a joy to create. I stretched myself in terms of production value, and really experimented with different sounds. I was tracking piano for another project, and pulled this song up and really ended up enjoying what came of it! A good friend Dylan helped me create the beat and textures you hear throughout the song, as well as giving some production advice, thanks Dylan!

I've had this chorus for a while. You may have even heard me play it. But the verse lyrics took several forms before I ended up with the final lyrics you hear on the track. That said, I'm happy with the result! Really I wrote it in a time of life where there was almost nothing consistent in my life, but I learned to appreciate the things I learned in the changes.

I encourage you to think about ways you may be growing in whatever season you're in, and how maybe the things you're going through although difficult could be making you a better person.

Happy listening!


2. Give Till It's Gone

I was already excited about starting my next single once I released "Spinning". I had a really great response, and I was ready to capture a new vibe (I probably use the word "vibe" too often, but it just has the right... vibe for a lot of sentences :) ).

I've been really into Lake Street Dive recently. And I decided I wanted to capture a warm, "analog" sound like theirs. I also wanted to have some fun with some guitar licks, and chords. Musically, this one was enjoyable and relatively quick to come up with (I did spend about 5 hours working on the guitar solo though).

The lyrics were actually the hardest part to find on this song. I rewrote them 4 times... You should see my Evernote. But I finally found something that was fresh on my mind, and something I wanted to share about:

Every now and then, I reflect on my life, and who I am and who I want to become, and I realize that I'm not living out the things I think are true. I can say that I like eating healthy, but if I'm pounding down some double-cheesburgers every weekday, I won't even really believe myself. It's about being aware of how you're living, and holding yourself accountable to what you believe. 

So I realized that a lot of times in life, I would be in situations where I had to choose to do something that would make me happy, or make someone else happy. And often I chose the former. But I'm realizing more and more that love is deciding in those moments to choose the other person above yourself. I would also find that every time I went away choosing my desire, I would be unsatisfied. But when I chose to make someone else feel valued and appreciated, I felt great! It's such a paradox, and personally I believe it's God's design for love. 

Regardless of your faith, I think everyone can agree there's something to sacrificial love. Hippies get it. John Mayer gets it. "I got your back Love". And why does everyone cheer? Because it stirs something in them!

I'll let the lyrics speak for themselves, but give it a listen and ask yourself (in the words of Haddaway) "What is Love?".

This song to me accomplishes a goal I have as an artist to combine two seemingly mutually exclusive things: good lyrics and complex musical production. At least for me, I tend to focus on one or the other when listening to a song. My hope is that you can get something from the lyrics as well as the music :)

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1. Spinning

This song was what inspired me to begin releasing monthly singles. It had been about 6 months since releasing my debut EP, and I was ready to share some more songs with the world. 

This song was born out of a spontaneous jam session with my friend Dylan. He began playing a beat on my 50 drum pad, and I picked up the bass. We jammed hard, and found this vibe pretty quickly. 

I said "Dylan, hit record! And let's just pretend like we're playing a song we already know."

That recording is literally the song. 

I said, "Ok, let's set up a mic, and I'm just gonna sing whatever I'm feeling."

by 3am, we had bass,drums, synth, and a lead vocal :)

It was after this night that I realized I wanted to release this song. So, I layed down some electric piano, acoustic and electric guitar, and harmonies.

My favorite thing about this track is how organic it's inception was. I think it hits on the core of music, which is creating a vibe and running with it. That's my goal with each of these singles. I hope you enjoy it!

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