2. Give Till It's Gone

I was already excited about starting my next single once I released "Spinning". I had a really great response, and I was ready to capture a new vibe (I probably use the word "vibe" too often, but it just has the right... vibe for a lot of sentences :) ).

I've been really into Lake Street Dive recently. And I decided I wanted to capture a warm, "analog" sound like theirs. I also wanted to have some fun with some guitar licks, and chords. Musically, this one was enjoyable and relatively quick to come up with (I did spend about 5 hours working on the guitar solo though).

The lyrics were actually the hardest part to find on this song. I rewrote them 4 times... You should see my Evernote. But I finally found something that was fresh on my mind, and something I wanted to share about:

Every now and then, I reflect on my life, and who I am and who I want to become, and I realize that I'm not living out the things I think are true. I can say that I like eating healthy, but if I'm pounding down some double-cheesburgers every weekday, I won't even really believe myself. It's about being aware of how you're living, and holding yourself accountable to what you believe. 

So I realized that a lot of times in life, I would be in situations where I had to choose to do something that would make me happy, or make someone else happy. And often I chose the former. But I'm realizing more and more that love is deciding in those moments to choose the other person above yourself. I would also find that every time I went away choosing my desire, I would be unsatisfied. But when I chose to make someone else feel valued and appreciated, I felt great! It's such a paradox, and personally I believe it's God's design for love. 

Regardless of your faith, I think everyone can agree there's something to sacrificial love. Hippies get it. John Mayer gets it. "I got your back Love". And why does everyone cheer? Because it stirs something in them!

I'll let the lyrics speak for themselves, but give it a listen and ask yourself (in the words of Haddaway) "What is Love?".

This song to me accomplishes a goal I have as an artist to combine two seemingly mutually exclusive things: good lyrics and complex musical production. At least for me, I tend to focus on one or the other when listening to a song. My hope is that you can get something from the lyrics as well as the music :)

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