1. Spinning

This song was what inspired me to begin releasing monthly singles. It had been about 6 months since releasing my debut EP, and I was ready to share some more songs with the world. 

This song was born out of a spontaneous jam session with my friend Dylan. He began playing a beat on my 50 drum pad, and I picked up the bass. We jammed hard, and found this vibe pretty quickly. 

I said "Dylan, hit record! And let's just pretend like we're playing a song we already know."

That recording is literally the song. 

I said, "Ok, let's set up a mic, and I'm just gonna sing whatever I'm feeling."

by 3am, we had bass,drums, synth, and a lead vocal :)

It was after this night that I realized I wanted to release this song. So, I layed down some electric piano, acoustic and electric guitar, and harmonies.

My favorite thing about this track is how organic it's inception was. I think it hits on the core of music, which is creating a vibe and running with it. That's my goal with each of these singles. I hope you enjoy it!

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