3. It Isn't Easy

This song was really a joy to create. I stretched myself in terms of production value, and really experimented with different sounds. I was tracking piano for another project, and pulled this song up and really ended up enjoying what came of it! A good friend Dylan helped me create the beat and textures you hear throughout the song, as well as giving some production advice, thanks Dylan!

I've had this chorus for a while. You may have even heard me play it. But the verse lyrics took several forms before I ended up with the final lyrics you hear on the track. That said, I'm happy with the result! Really I wrote it in a time of life where there was almost nothing consistent in my life, but I learned to appreciate the things I learned in the changes.

I encourage you to think about ways you may be growing in whatever season you're in, and how maybe the things you're going through although difficult could be making you a better person.

Happy listening!


David Platillero3 Comments