4. The Sound of Silence

I wasn't sure what my next song would be as I began this month. I heard "The Sound of Silence" at some point early in November, and got super excited about the idea of swinging it, adding tons of harmonies, and doing a really cool cover in general of it. I was pretty confident once I had the idea that this would be the song I did. 

I had no idea how profound the lyrics are! I was pleasantly surprised, and even thought about how appropriate the message is to today. I definitely see hints at the modern distractions of social media and smartphones written into the lyrics. I think it's sad how we often keep silent around others distracted by our own "neon light". By the end of the song, the writer is trying to warn the people with no success. In the end, he describes the people worshipping the neon light as if it was a God. They are numb to it all!

Hope this message, and my interpretation of the song, impact you in a profound way today!


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David PlatilleroComment