6. You Have Me Now

I've never written a song this way before. Normally, I begin with a structure and then fill out each section of the song. But this time, I began by inviting my friend and master beat-maker/sound-designer Michael Grubb over to help create my next single. This time, we began by finding a drum kit we liked, and creating the beat. We stuck to 4 bars longer than I ever have in my life. Rather than trying to make the whole song, and ended up nailing down a 4 bar groove with a beat, bassline, synth part, and guitar riff. And it was awesome! 

I then realized that the groove would work perfectly with a song I had written almost a year prior, and we started working from there. I spent a lot of time tweaking my original song to fit this new groove, and it ended up working well. To finish it off, I had my friend Gideon Klein lay down some unbelievable bass lines that I was able to piece together throughout the song. I'm so happy with how it turned out, and I hope you enjoy it! 


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David PlatilleroComment